Consider the following truths about the landscape of social media:

If you think about it, social media is an incredibly volatile space to market your business organically (without advertising). So, what if, instead of looking at social media as a marketing channel, you looked at it as a communications channel? A way for you to share stories and insights about your business, while at the same time genuinely interacting and networking with others?

Or, put another way, what if your business used social media to be social?

At Shovi Websites, we've adopted an approach for social media that works for any business. Our team will help you create a strategy that builds top-of-mind awareness and reputation, which translates to more qualified leads to your website. How? With these five steps:

Our approach to social builds you a platform that amplifies your brand awareness and generates more qualified leads. It works for any type of business. Hit the Get in touch tab below to talk with our team about doing this for yours.


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