What are the best ways to get more email subscribers using landing pages? Georgiana Laudi of Unbounce drops some serious knowledge in this third episode of the Get Smart About Email Marketing web series.

When done right, landing pages play a key role in acquiring new leads and email subscribers. You’re giving someone an opportunity to solve a problem by opting into your offer; but it isn’t that simple.

In this third episode of Get Smart About Email Marketing, learn the factors that go into a well-designed landing page that communicates your offer clearly, and encourages signups.

Unbounce’s Director of Marketing, Georgiana Laudi, joins host Stephan Hovnanian of Shovi Websites, to dig into this topic and offer actionable tips for anybody creating landing pages:


(1:20) When is it a good idea to use a subscription box on your website vs. a dedicated landing page?

(6:38) When you’re collecting email addresses for something finite in nature (webinar, ebook) how do you move people through the funnel?

(10:43) What are the 5 key elements of a great landing page for growing your email list?

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(23:42) How important is responsive or mobile-friendly landing page design, given the importance of mobile in email marketing?

(27:43) How to reduce “leaks” on your landing pages. This is particularly useful when you are doing paid promotion to drive traffic to your landing pages.

(29:11) “What is the effect on SEO when you have your landing page hosted on Unbounce? If you set up a subdomain, wil your Unbounce-created landing page appear to be part of your site [from the spider’s view]?” Phenomenal question, thank you Jen!

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(33:39) What are the best tests to run on your landing pages? And how much traffic should a page get to consider the results of the test significant?

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