Every business should be using marketing automation at some level. Marketing automation combines the intelligence from subscriber behavior (opens, clicks, even visits to different pages on your website) with your sales and lead nurturing process.

When done right, email marketing automation can do three key things for your business:

Marketing Automation Examples

The team at Shovi Websites has worked on a variety of different projects that involve marketing automation in email campaigns. Here are a few common ideas to get you thinking about how marketing automation can be added into your own business:

1. Engagement Scoring

Identify the subscribers who are most interested in your email content by creating an automation that gives them arbitrary points based on email activity (opens, clicks, replies). Then, when a subscriber hits a certain point threshold, invite them to a special VIP experience reserved only for brand advocates.

2. Autoresponders, Onboarding, and Drip Campaigns

These campaigns are a series of preset emails that go out in timed intervals from when someone signs up. They are meant to "indoctrinate" a new contact and get them familiar with your content. Tip: periodically review your email series to see where people are falling off, like we did in this mini case study.

3. Behavior-based tagging

This one is best explained by example: A colleague of ours has a bi-weekly email newsletter, and inside, she always includes a link to one of the videos that is part of her lead funnel. She knows that someone who clicks on that video has a high probability of becoming a lead. So, she added an automation to her campaign that tracks when someone clicks on the video, and "tags" the person for follow-up. TIP: Automations don't always have to send out email. As we said in the beginning, they can help you build a more complete and intelligent profile of your subscribers, so you can send them more relevant emails later.

4. Re-engagement campaigns

Your email marketing service tracks who is reading your emails, which means you also know who isn't reading your emails. Periodically, schedule a campaign that pulls the people who haven't responded to emails within the last 3-6 months, and send them a "nudge" to get them back. For the people who don't respond to that nudge, you can drop them from your list to keep its performance (and your sender reputation) high. We ran this for a client and recaptured nearly 4% of their list (right before a fundraising campaign!).

Marketing Automation Services from Shovi Websites

Adding marketing automation into your email strategy requires a comprehensive understanding of your sales process and content marketing strategy. If any of the following ideas sound like they will help your business, hit the Get in touch tab below to set up a call with a member of our team.

  • Autoresponder campaigns (with or without landing pages)
  • Webinar and event series
  • Email Segmentation
  • Behavior based triggers
  • Re-engagement campaigns

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