Once you've started to grow your email marketing program, it's time to add conversion optimization, and find the soft spots that are causing subscribers to lose interest or unsubscribe.

Those soft spots can be anywhere, but we have found these to be the most common opportunities to increase conversion in a company's email marketing program:

1. No Segmentation

You aren't segmenting your list, so your content isn't as relevant to everyone as it could be. By learning more about your subscribers' interests and needs, you can create a better experience with your messages, the links you send them to from your emails, even the timing of your campaigns. The slightest improvement in any of these could translate to more leads and higher revenue from existing subscribers.

2. Bad Overall Experience

Mobile is the hot button today, not just because over 50% of emails are being opened on mobile devices, but because those people are clicking through to web pages that still aren't mobile-friendly. Think about the last time that happened to you, it stunk right? And then, when that same company emailed you again, you didn't bother opening it on your phone because you knew it would take you to a page you could only read on your desktop. Identifying those pitfalls in the overall experience is something conversion optimization can fix.

3. Unfocused Design

Too often, companies use the same email template for all types of emails (newsletters, transactions, welcome emails, etc.). This introduces clutter to what could (or should) be a highly-focused message. In addition, individual elements like links, copy, button text, color, and images all contribute to the performance of your campaigns. Cleaning up your design and testing different ways to present the information inside your emails is part of conversion optimization.

4. Copy and Subscriber Mismatch

People still read (you got this far, didn't you?), but the way we communicate in today's attention economy can make or break an email campaign. Testing different types of copy against the type of subscriber is part of conversion optimization.

5. No Monitoring or Testing

Every email campaign should have a goal, and you should always be tracking whether or not your campaigns met that goal. Too often we see companies looking only at basic stats like open and click rates, but aren't taking into account conversion rates. This sounds obvious, but part of the conversion optimization process in your email marketing program is looking at campaign performance to identify possible tests.

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