An email newsletter is a crucial component of your email marketing strategy. If done well, you will see increased word of mouth referrals, and stronger, more profitable relationships with your existing customers. If done poorly (or not at all), you risk alienating brand advocates, and missing opportunities to give your customers information that makes them smarter buyers of your product or service.

What makes a great email newsletter?

In 10+ years of designing and executing email newsletter programs for ourselves and our clients, the team at Shovi Websites has identified eight essential components of an email newsletter strategy that result in higher profits and more opportunities from their existing customer base:

1. Segmentation

The days of "batch and blast" email marketing are gone. Create campaigns that focus on one key theme per email, then send them to the people who have expressed interest in those topics before. Your open rates, click rates, and sharing rates will all go up. Why? Because the emails are more relevant.

2. Automation

Automation doesn't have to be restricted to "autoresponders" and "drip campaigns" that send a series of emails to subscribers based on timing. Marketing automation can do much more with the intelligence you get from your email campaigns, and help you make your email newsletters more relevant. We can map out and design those routines for you.

3. Personalization

Despite being able to send the same campaign to thousands of people at the same time, email is still a one-to-one communication channel. Personalizing your emails is proven to create a stronger connection with the subscriber, resulting in higher open and click rates.

4. Tracking

If a subscriber clicks on a link to your website from an email campaign, you know they opened, you know they clicked, but you don't know what happened afterward. We track subscriber behavior on your website to give you a better understanding of conversions from your email campaigns.

  • Tracking the links clicked over the last few months has helped to establish a pattern of general engagement and give an indication of the attention span of my audience, which is helpful in deciding how much and what type of extra announcements to include in the email.
    Stacey King, MASCO

5. Content

"What do I send?" is the most common question we're asked about email newsletters. You need an editorial calendar that matches up with industry events, seasonality, and company news. We can create those for you.

6. Engagement

Since email marketing is a one-to-one communication tool, we track individual response on your campaigns to identify the people who are most interested in your products or services. We can also show you how to reach out to those who have lost interest, and make them advocates again.

7. Performance

Every marketing campaign has a goal, and ways to measure that goal. We identify those together, monitor the activity on your email campaigns, and suggest tests and improvements as the intelligence shapes up.

8. Design

Great email design is more than just looks, it focuses on the entire subscriber experience (both in the inbox and through to your website). Our design services ensure optimal performance from each campaign.

If your email newsletter program is missing one or more of these components, hit the Get in touch tab below to schedule a talk with the team.

Email Newsletter Samples

Fortunately, most email service providers have professional, mobile-friendly email templates that you can use as a starting point for a newsletter design that matches your brand.

At Shovi Websites, we prefer to create custom newsletter templates, and here's why: Generic templates look great, but fall short of focusing on business goals. We design based on content, goals, and audience, then test specific areas as time goes on to make improvements to conversion.

Here are some examples and resources to help you understand the benefits of ditching the generic template in favor of an email newsletter design that is custom built for your goals:

    Hit the Get in touch tab below to talk with our team about an email newsletter strategy for your business.

    Email Marketing Services from Shovi Websites

    By now you should have a good handle on the benefits of a well-executed email newsletter strategy. Here are some of the specific email marketing services that we provide. To schedule a time to talk with our team about any of them, hit the Get in touch tab below.

    • Email marketing strategy (what to send, when to send it, who to send it to)
    • Conversion optimization (make existing campaigns better)
    • Autoresponder and Landing Page design (lead-gen pages with an email series behind them)
    • Webinar and event series design
    • Managed email campaigns (you provide content, we build, send, and monitor the campaign for you)
    • Done for you email marketing (everything is branded in your business name, but we do it all, from content to execution)

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