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Case Studies and Downloads

Download: The Complete Guide to Creating an Opt-In Guide - Read any inbound marketing book, article, blog, course, and they'll all tell you that you need a "hook" to capture leads and grow your email list. A checklist, whitepaper, tip sheet, whatever it is, give them something for free in exchange for their email address. Where the advice falls short is explaining the process to create one of these in a way that will benefit your business beyond growing your email list with people only interested in a freebie download. So, inside these pages, you will find everything you need to know on how to create one of these bad boys for yourself!

Email Marketing Tips and Techniques

In addition to the list above, you'll find these on our YouTube channel as well as our old blog. Subscribe to our Get Smart About Email Marketing email list for updates to this section.

Web Series: Get Smart About Email Marketing

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    Great Email Design Is About More Than Looks

    There's more to a successful and well-designed email campaign than being mobile-friendly, and Justine Jordan from Litmus breaks it down for us in the final installment of our Get Smart About Email Marketing web series.

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    Grow Your Email List Using Landing Pages

    What are the best ways to get more email subscribers using landing pages? Georgiana Laudi of Unbounce drops some serious knowledge in this third episode of the Get Smart About Email Marketing web series.

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    Tips for Higher Conversions Using Marketing Automation

    The more you know about how your subscribers interact with your emails, the more relevant you can be to them. In our second episode of Get Smart About Email Marketing, we delve into segmenting and marketing automations.

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    What Makes a Great Email Newsletter?

    Email marketing specialists DJ Waldow and Stephan Hovnanian dig into these topics and more in the first of a four-part web series called Get Smart About Email Marketing.

Selected Client Stories and Examples

We're importing these from our old site and blogs. In the meantime, have a look at some screenshots of newsletters we've done.

Interviews, Podcasts, Guest Blog Posts


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